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A Local Movement to find Courage to Thrive

Life is beautiful and yet can be tough and cruel, tiring and challenging. Things happen to us which are out of our control. Living hopefully and courageously can be an almost impossible challenge.

You are beautiful and you’re doing a good job! Stop and notice how it feels to be told that. How could life be different if you believed that and lived from that place?  Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies, beating ourselves up and reinforcing how rubbish we feel. Add to that social media, shopping, advertising, big brands – they all pretend to be on our side when their real motivation is our wallet. Making us feel unhappy is the way they keep us useful!

Are you tired of trudging on and wonder if there could be a different way?

What if we could form communities who will:

  • cheer us on and remind us to live in the way we say we want to?
  • remind us to be kind to ourselves?
  • help us to find the joy in the lives we have and the courage to make the changes we want to?

And what if there are simple tools and practices which could help us live in the way we want to and which don’t cost the earth?

Courage to Thrive is a movement for anyone in or around Poole who wants to unlock thriving – whatever that means for each of us. It’s for those of us who have reached a point where we are fed up and want to choose to do things differently with other like-minded friends who want to find courage to thrive together.

Perhaps you are someone who wants to find the courage to:

  • love yourself, to raise your self-esteem, to invest in your mental health, improve your wellbeing, develop more hopeful thought patterns;
  • be the mum you want to be to your kids, to model love to them while making the money last the week;
  • re-think how you use your time or what you’d like to do with the next stage of your life;
  • make changes in your local community, to be part of the solution to the problems you see around you.

Whatever thriving means for you, if you want to change, joining our movement could be for you…

Our Manifesto for Change

We are a local movement of people standing together to find courage to thrive through:

  • self-care & self-compassion: learning to be kind to ourselves;
  • being communities that reach out to each other through kindness, affirmation, appreciation and vulnerability;
  • being people who know what personal values are important to us and finding ways to live by them;
  • choosing life: learning tools of proactivity and responsibility to overcome barriers to our thriving;
  • becoming people who honour both ourselves and each other through honest communication: saying what we mean and meaning what we say;
  • living gratefully, living creatively.


For more information on how we do this see our pages about Step out of the Traffic Workshops and Coaching Circles  both of which provide support, simple tools, practices and communities to support us in unlocking thriving.

In our mission to unlock thriving locally, as 2021 starts, we are also exploring the possibility of bringing a Poverty Truth Commission (PTC) to the Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole conurbation.  PTC’s provide an opportunity for people with lived experience of poverty to speak into decisions being made about them on their behalf.  For an example of a PTC set up in another area of the UK watch this 3 min video from East Surrey.

Courage to Thrive is a social enterprise – a not-for-profit business for social purpose. We aim to make our workshops and activities accessible to all, so whatever your financial situation you can take part. Each is invited to pay according to what they can afford, with some able to ‘pay it forward’ to make it possible for others to also benefit. We also seek sponsorship from organisations and individuals to make our workshops and activities affordable to all.  We love generosity – both receiving it and giving it – a radical and joyful way of doing things!


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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